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"Love makes no conditions, no ifs, no buts. Love never says, "Fulfill these requirements, then I will love you." Love is like breathing: when it happens you are simply love. It does not matter who comes close to you, the sinner or the saint. Whosoever comes close to you starts feeling the vibe of love, is rejoiced. Love is unconditional giving – but only those are capable of giving who have."

Saturday, November 28, 2015

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People come to me and they ask, “How to attain a peaceful mind?” I say to them, “There exists nothing like that: peaceful mind. Never heard of it.”
Mind is never peaceful; no-mind is peace. Mind itself can never be peaceful, silent. The very nature of the mind is to be tense, to be in confusion. Mind can never be clear, it cannot have clarity, because mind is by nature confusion, cloudiness. Clarity is possible without mind, peace is possible without mind; silence is possible without mind, so never try to attain a silent mind. If you do, from the very beginning you are moving in an impossible dimension.
Osho, Tantra: The Supreme Understanding, Talk #2 

Shut Down Your Karma Factory - Sadhgur

A spiritual path means we want to set your karmic process on fast-forward.
We want to take a bigger load of karma than the allotted load because we don’t want to come back and do the same thing again and again.
We want to finish it off right now.
This is a conscious choice one has to make – do you want to slowly work it out or do you want all the nonsense to be over as quick as possible.
You will see, you are in more trouble than ever before. Earlier, troubles used to come to you once in six months.
Now, every six hours you are in deep trouble because your karmic process is on fast-forward.
Only fools who have sanitized themselves from life believe that spirituality means being peaceful.
No. To be spiritual means to be on fire – inside, outside, everywhere.
Peace will happen when you rest in peace. This is the time for exuberant life!
If you were ecstatic or very blissful and joyful, would you even think of being peaceful? Such a thought wouldn’t even occur to you.
- Sadhguru

Friday, November 27, 2015

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Meditation for Busy People - OSHO

CONSCIOUS EATING - we picked this meditation and awareness exercise from "Meditation for Busy People" specifically for the holidays. Meditation is not some 'spiritual practice', it is a constant opportunity to become aware - get out of robot-like patterns and enjoy life to the fullest. "If taste is not lived, you are just stuffing yourself. Go slowly and be aware of the taste. Do not just go on swallowing things. Taste them unhurriedly and become the taste." 

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Question: Sadhguru, what is the purpose of life?
Sadhguru: If you were very blissful and ecstatic at this moment, would you think, “What is the purpose of life?” – No. Only when in some way, life has become burdensome, these questions arise: “To be or not to be?” “Is there a good enough purpose for me to exist?”
Your experience of life itself has not become grand and worthwhile enough. That is why you are trying to find a meaning. If just sitting here and breathing was ecstatic for you, you wouldn’t ask, “What is the purpose of life?” So, before you ask that question, the most important thing is you need to learn to enhance this life to its maximum potential. When I say “life,” you don’t even know what life is. All you have right now is your body and mind. Make them as pleasant as you can. Only when your physical body and mind are in a state of pleasantness, everything in you works at its best. Your intelligence works at its best only when you are joyful and blissful. If a human being manages to remain in a continual state of blissfulness, let’s say for 24 hours, one’s intelligence will double. There is enough medical evidence to prove this today.
You don’t have to do anything. Just being alive is grand enough.
Have you spent a single day in your life without a moment ofagitation, irritation, anger, anxiety, or anything like that? In all these years, have you spent 24 hours just blissfully? Not just you, almost the whole of humanity has to answer this question with a “no.” If you are not blissful one day, that’s understandable. But not having been blissful for a single day – that means something very fundamental is wrong. Without understanding the fundamentals of what this human mechanism is, you are trying to operate it. It is just like you got into a car, you didn’t know what these three pedals were for, and you kicked any one of them whenever you felt like it. You know what a jerky driver you would be?
Right now your wellbeing is that jerky. You know moments of joyfulness, you know moments of love, you know moments of blissfulness, you know moments of ecstasy in your life – but you are not able to sustain this. It is jerky because you are trying to operate your life without understanding the sophistication of the mechanism you are handling.
So, “What is the purpose?” This question arises because you have not experienced the grandeur of existence. You have not experienced the magnificent nature of your being. That is why you are asking, “What is the purpose? What should I do to make this life meaningful?” You don’t have to do anything. If you could sit here for one moment and experience this, you would know you don’t have to do anything. Just being alive is grand enough.

Monday, November 23, 2015

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Celebration is the foundation of my way of living – not renunciation but rejoicing. Rejoice in all the beauties, all the joys, all that life offers, because this whole life is a gift of God.
To me, life and God are synonymous. In fact, life is a far better word than the word “God.” It is only a philosophical term, while life is real, existential. The word "God" exists only in scriptures. It is a word, a mere word. Life is within you and without you – in the trees, in the clouds, in the stars. This whole existence is a dance of life.
Love life. Live your life totally, be drunk with the divine through life. I am in tremendous love with life, hence I teach celebration. Everything has to be celebrated; everything has to be lived, loved. To me nothing is mundane and nothing is sacred. All is sacred, from the lowest rung of the ladder to the highest rung. It is the same ladder: from the body to the soul, from the physical to the spiritual, from sex to samadhi – everything is divine!
Osho, Come, Come, Yet Again Come, Talk #2

Sunday, November 22, 2015


"I am not trying to give you any ideals that you have to become this or that. I am simply trying to help you to see that you are already that which you need to be.

Just drop all longing, all desire, all ambition to be someone else, so that you can be just whatever you are.

I don't want to distract you from your being. I want to come closer and closer to your being so finally only you are left within yourself."

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Meditation Is a Flowering

What is Meditation?Flowering



"Remember, meditation will bring you more and more intelligence, infinite intelligence, a radial intelligence. Meditation will make you more alive and sensitive; your life will become richer.
"Look at the ascetics: their life has become almost as if it is not life. These people are not meditators. They may be masochists, torturing themselves and enjoying the torture... The mind is very cunning, it goes on doing things and rationalizing them.
"Ordinarily you are violent towards others but the mind is very cunning – it can learn non-violence, it can preach nonviolence, then it becomes violent towards itself. And the violence that you do on your own self is respected by people because they have an idea that to be an ascetic is to be religious. That is sheer nonsense. God is not an ascetic, otherwise there would be no flowers, there would be no green trees, only deserts. God is not an ascetic, otherwise there would be no song in life, no dance in life – only cemeteries and cemeteries. God is not an ascetic: God enjoys life. God is more Epicurean than you can imagine. If you think about God, think in terms of Epicurus. God is a constant search for more and more happiness, joy, ecstasy. Remember that.
"But mind is very cunning. It can rationalize paralysis as meditation; it can rationalize dullness as transcendence: it can rationalize deadness as renunciation. Watch out. Always remember that if you are moving in the right direction, you will go on flowering."
Osho, Ancient Music in the Pines, Talk #7
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Friday, November 20, 2015


If you are unhappy, that simply means that you have learned tricks for being unhappy. Nothing else! Unhappiness depends on the frame of your mind. There are people who are unhappy in all kinds of situations. They have a certain program in their mind that transforms everything into unhappiness. If you tell them about the beauty of the rose, they immediately start counting the thorns. If you say to them, "What a beautiful morning, what a sunny day!" they will say, "Only one day between two dark nights, so why are you making so much fuss?"
The same thing can be seen from a positive reference; then suddenly each night is surrounded by two days. And then suddenly it is a miracle that the rose is possible, that such a delicate flower is possible among so many thorns.
All depends on what kind of frame you are carrying in your head. Millions of people are carrying crosses. Naturally, obviously, they are burdened; their life is a drag. Their frame is such that it immediately becomes focused on everything that is negative. It magnifies the negative. That is a morbid approach towards life, pathological. But they go on thinking, "What can we do? The world is such."
No, the world is not such! The world is absolutely neutral. It has thorns, it has roses, it has nights, it has days. The world is utterly neutral, balanced - it has all. Now it depends on you as to what you choose. That´s how people create hell and heaven on the same earth.
Osho, The Book of Wisdom, Talk #9

Monday, November 16, 2015

No More of God’s Soldiers

The recent attacks in Paris have triggered a wave of grief and condemnation. However, these human-caused calamities seem to recur with terrifying regularity around the world. In this article, Sadhguru looks at the very nature of religious terrorism, and what the world needs to do about it.
Sadhguru: Religious terrorism is a major part of the mechanism of terror in the world today. The purpose of terrorism is not war but to cripple a society with fear. Their aim is to spread panic among the people, divide the society, derail the economic growth of the country, create strife, violence and lawlessness at every level – in other words, reduce a country to a failed state.
Religious philosophies that have world-conquering ambitions have the propensity for causing a grievous blow to all life upon the planet. Of all the kinds of violence, particularly religion-motivated terrorism is the most dangerous kind. You can speak reason to a man who is fighting for anything else, but when a man believes he is fighting for his God, there is no reasoning with him. When people are fighting for money, property, or something else, it is possible to negotiate with them because they are life-oriented; but those who think they are fighting for God, or working for God or doing God’s work are only too eager to die and take all of us with them.

Moving From Political Correctness to Solutions

In the last two millennia, there has been much uninstigated violence unleashed upon various people of the world by the religious groups across the planet. This landscape of violence that they have left while continuously talking about peace, love and compassion is abhorrent and has scary scenarios hidden in them.
It is time to address some fundamental causes that propel these types of violent actions in the name of religion. Public discourse needs to move from the politically correct stance to striving for solutions for the ills of our times. In the very sacred texts that are purported to be the words of God, there is very strong stimulus for violence against all who do not share the belief that some have chosen or been taught to believe. 
Whatever the reason these words of instigation got into sacred books, it is time that what is not suitable is expunged – god willing. We can ask, if god says nothing it wouldn’t be a crime to take it as an affirmative. Ensuring that no one needs to be a god’s soldier is the absolute need of the day. For all the other causes of violence, we can find solutions at some point but for those who fight for their gods, there is no solution. You cannot wean them of that because it is an eternal cause and damnation for the world. Only if all religious groups are willing to start looking at the prospect of expunging stimulus for violence from their sacred books will there be a possibility of a solution. It is not just one group, all should strive. It is not going to be an easy exercise, but it has to start at some point of time.
Editor’s Note: Sadhguru explores war, peace and violence in the ebook “Culture of Peace” available at Isha Downloads. Pay what you wish and download it.

Poem – Autumn

As I kissed the Autumnal sky
with a passion, a full blooded
Woman would long for in her
inevitable lonely nights that
associates with long lost Beloved.
The colours change in a
serious blush that can not
escape even the sightless eyes
of the blind. The leafy panels fall
with their job done, making way
for a seasonal death or a
moult with which life takes
a break from daily chores of
harvesting light, air and food.
From the mundane chores to
a seemingly ascetic stillness.
A break from life but not in death
A break from life to spring back
to renewed life of leaf, flowers and fruit.
Love & Grace,

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Why Does Terrorism Happen? - OSHO

Why Does Terrorism Happen?

Why Does Terrorism Happen? - OSHO

Terrorism Is in Your Unconscious

“Everything is deeply related with everything else that happens.

“The event of terrorism is certainly related with what is happening in the society. The society is falling apart. Its old order, discipline, morality, religion, everything has been found to be wrongly based. It has lost its power over people's conscience.

“Terrorism has many undercurrents. One is that because of nuclear weapons, the nations are pouring their energy into that field, thinking that the old weapons are out of date. They are out of date, but individuals can start using them. And you cannot use nuclear weapons against individuals – that would be simply stupid. One individual terrorist throws a bomb – it does not justify that a nuclear missile should be sent.

“Now, a terrorist has a strange power, even over the greatest powers. He can throw bombs at the White House without any fear, because what you have is too big and you cannot throw it at him. And these are the weapons sold by you! But the phenomenon was not conceived of, because human psychology is not understood.

“And man is basically a hunter; he is not by nature vegetarian. First he became a hunter, and for thousands of years he was just a meat-eater, and cannibalism was prevalent everywhere. To eat human beings caught from the opposing tribe you were fighting with was perfectly ethical. All that is carried in the unconscious of humanity.

“Religions have imposed things on man very superficially; his unconscious is not in agreement. Every man is living in a disagreement with himself. So whenever he can find a chance – for a beautiful cause; freedom, democracy, socialism – any beautiful word can become an umbrella to hide his ugly unconscious, which simply wants to destroy and enjoys destruction.

“The first are the religions – their values should be removed so that man can smile again, can laugh again, can rejoice again, can be natural again.

 ‘Second, what communism is saying has to be put clearly before the people – that it is psychologically wrong. You are falling from one trap into another. No two men are equal; hence the idea of equality is nonsense. And if you decide to be equal then you have to accept a dictatorship of the proletariat. That means you have to lose your freedom.

“And without freedom you cannot rejoice.

“You live in fear, not in joy. If we can clean the basement of the human mind's unconscious... and that's what my work is. It can be cleaned away.

“The terrorism is not in the bombs, in your hands; the terrorism is in your unconscious.

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